February 12th, 2011

It’s Race Day.  Today begins my year of running. It is a beautiful sunny day at Greenlake Park and its also a sea of Red for the Valentines Day Dash (Love em or Leave em 5K). The race starts at 9:30am but we got down to the park around 8:30am so we’d be able to find parking. Since this is my first official race I wasn’t sure where to place myself at the starting line. When I run at home I can run anywhere between a 9 minute to 11 minute mile, so I chose to stand at the 10 minute mile marker. I met some really nice people at the starting line and they were all very supportive and excited for me. They shared their stories of their first races which was nice. And also told me about some of their favorite races in the city that I should look into. Most were already on my list but still good to know they are popular choices among the running community.

I set a really good pace for myself from the very beginning. I was feeling great. About two thirds of the way I had to stop and pull off my knee straps though as they were starting to pinch. But I got right back in there and even caught up to some of the people who were running around me when I had to stop. Everyone has such a different style of running. There were a lot of people who would sprint for a bit and then walk for a bit; that would be terrible for my knees. Others who run pushing strollers. Others who were totally barefoot (gross). And others who were running with their kids or their dogs.

I crossed the finish line and was disappointed at the time clock because it listed 32 minutes and change. I was really hoping to get under 30 minutes. But then my dad reminded me that the clock started before I did so I shouldn’t worry and that I should have made the 30 minutes no problem. That made me feel better. Then My mom handed me a stack of letters that were from the “Tunnel of Love” which was the last half mile of the race. Thank you to all my family and friends who wrote such great words of support on these little valentines. It was a great day and I can’t wait to continue my racing journey. The next day they posted our official times and my time chip time was just over 31 minutes. So if I hadn’t stopped to take off my knee straps I would have made my goal of being under 30. So for all intensive purposes the running portion atleast was under 30 and to me, I reached my goal.

 Next race is scheduled for March 13th – St Patty’s Day Dash where i’ll be running with Tamira, Rachel and Meredith.


~ by jennl4 on March 1, 2011.

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