March 8th, 2011

I’ve been contemplating my next race. This Sunday, March 13th I’ll be running 4 miles for the St Patty’s Day Dash. After this race it will be time to register for my next few races. I want to push myself, so I’d planned on doing a 10k in April. I was originally going to do the Earth Day 10K at Magnuson park, but just found out there is a Seahawks Run April 10th, which happens to start and end at the Renton Landing (how convenient). The question is, can I go from 3-4 miles all the way to 7.5 miles with only 1 month of training time? Running friends – any thoughts on this? Or is that pushing too far? They do offer a 5K and a 12K at the Landing but I feel like I should push myself. I believe 6 miles is doable for a 10K but can I handle that extra 1.5 miles? If I cannot run the whole 7.5 miles, and I have to walk is that breaking the rules of my resolution to run each race? Tough decisions, require a little help from the peanut gallery out there.

On a tangent…you all have helped me reach over 400 views in just over a month on my blog. Thanks for the support in my journey.


~ by jennl4 on March 8, 2011.

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