March 13th, 2011

Today was the St Patty’s Day Dash around the Seattle Center. It was really hard to get out of bed this morning because i’ve been sick all week with bronchitis and it was pouring rain. But commitments were made and so we fought the traffic and got there a tad late but just after our heat started. I had a few friends join me today (Tamira Hartman, Rachel Lowinger and Meredith Selfon). Rachel and Meredith got to the starting line before Tamira and I so they got a little head start. It felt so good to be out there running after taking a few days off from the gym to try and kill this cold. There were some great green costumes. There was a guy in a Green Man body suit. There were two guys wearing shamrock brief underwear and green suspenders and green socks (brrrr). There was a group of guys running with a Keg of beer. They would hand it off to each other when they got tired of holding it while running. They were also handing out free beer to anyone who wanted it. Crazy. 

Because I was sick I didn’t set a goal time for myself, but rather to run the entire race. But I usually run about a 10 minute mile so I’d be happy with anything between 40-45 minutes. A little after I passed the 3mile marker I ran into my friend Mike Minick and his friend John. We ran the last 3/4mile together and got to catch up. It’s been like 2 years since i’ve seen him.  

My final chip time was 41 minutes and 36 seconds. I think if I was healthy I totally would have made it under 40, which is awesome. It also means I might be able to push myself to under 10 minute miles soon. Thanks Imperial CF for helping me get stronger and faster. It’s only been like 7 weeks of CF and i’ve definately seen a change in my pace.

After the run we all went to Portage Bay Cafe for brunch. YUM!! Thanks Ari Shapiro for getting there before the rush and getting us a table.

I’m still debating my next race (Seahawks 12k or 5k run, or Earth Day 5k or 10k). I did sign up for the Beat The Bridge for my May race though so if your interested in running the 8k race in May, or want to donate to the JDRF to sponsor me, let me know.

Tamira, Jenn, Meredith and Rachel


~ by jennl4 on March 14, 2011.

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