May 19th, 2011

I’m sorry to have left you all hanging the last few weeks. Life has been a bit rattled. I started my triathlon training, which is taking a slow start. I have gone swimming once. I swam about 20 laps though which I think is a good starting point. The full 1/2 Mile swim I’ll need to do for the tri is equivalent to 36 laps so I’ve got something to work towards.

As for the bike, well, those who know me know that I’m petrified of getting on a bike. I haven’t been riding since I was about 12 years old. I’m pretty sure every time I rode as a child I fell off and hurt myself and I for sure have the scars to prove it. I was lucky enough to have a family friend lend me their bike for the next few months while I face my fear. So I decided while its nice out I should try riding. I put on my Danskin Training Jersey (really nice shirt they sent me to train in) and walked the bike down the driveway to the flat street. I tried to get on the bike, but my body totally froze. I had a total panic attack and almost started to cry. This is a big speed bump in my training and I’m going to really need to push through this so that I can succeed in this triathlon.

I also completed month 5 of my running on 5/15 as I ran the Nordstrom Beat the Bridge for Diabetes. My only goal for the race was to beat the bridge. It was scheduled to go up at 9:04am, and my heat started at 8:42, which allows 22 minutes for us to get across the bridge. The bridge didn’t actually sound its horn and start to rise until 9:08 though. When I crossed the bridge it was 9:01/9:02. So I can officially say I BEAT THE BRIDGE!! What I can also say is that I pushed myself extremely hard and ran the first 2 miles in under 20 minutes (that’s less than 10 minutes per mile). I may have pushed a little too hard though because I ended up having to walk mile 3, but finished strong running miles 4 and 5.

My next race is on June 5th and is the Race for the Cure for Breast Cancer. I’ll be wearing pink and running with Tamira. My parent’s will be walking the race and we are welcoming anyone else who wants to join our team. We are team Pink Brigade.

I have decided that my diet needs to change again to sustain my lifestyle. I’ve spoken to my coaches at Imperial Crossfit and coaches at Crossfit Amped and it appears they are all in agreement. They all think I need to eliminate dairy. Increase my healthy fats, and eliminate grains. Since I do not do well with eliminations diets, I am not going to totally trash what I’m doing currently to follow a Paleo lifestyle which is highly regarding in the Crossfit community, but rather a slightly modified version.

So today I started a Gluten Free and Dairy Free diet. My goal is to keep it up for 40 days as part of Crossfit Amped’s 40 Day Fat Burning Challenge. We’ll see how it goes but if I can get through the first two weeks I should be good to make it work. I’ve tried Gluten Free before, but I’ve never taken dairy out of my diet. I rely heavily on dairy protein so this will either make or break me. I will have to get creative about recipes and stuff so I should be posting some great ideas soon.

I am about 20 pounds away from my weight loss goal weight and I’d love to get there by August 11th. If this new dietary lifestyle can get me there by July 11th I’d be even happier!

Wish me luck…


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