June 5th, 2011

Race for the Cure took place on June 5th. I cannot believe that I’m halfway through this new years resolution. I’ve completed 5 races in 6 months (the 1st only being skipped due to illness, but I’ll make it up).  It’s been a wild ride and I appreciate all of you out there who are supporting me in this journey. Tamira and I did the 5k run and my parents did the 5k walk. It was great weather so we got lucky.

The JCC Softball season has also started so my races will be playing a balancing act against my softball schedule…good thing most races are at the crack of dawn.

I’ve also started swimming more for the Danskin. I feel like my workout schedule is now a tug and pull between running, crossfit, swimming and softball. Unfortunately my running is getting the push aside because while I enjoy it the most I don’t need to train for 5k’s anymore and I need to make waves in the pool and get out and ride or I’ll never finish the Tri in August.


~ by jennl4 on August 16, 2011.

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