October 2nd, 2011

So I accidentally turned off my alarm instead of hitting snooze on September 24th’s race…oops! So I missed my Richard’s Run Race in Bellevue. Which also means I didn’t race in September even though I was signed up. To make up for that, I’m doing two races in October.

The first race I’m running is was on October 2nd. I ran the Issaquah Salmon Day’s Rotary 5K run. This race was a very flat simple run and it didn’t rain (which is always rains on Salmon Days weekend) so it was a nice change. I felt really good about my race when I finished and my cellphone clocked me just about 30 minutes, making this one of my fastest races this year. However, my time chip results stated 38 minutes making this my slowest race this  year. Strange that they would be so different. I’m going with my cell phone because I know what time race started and I also know what time I finished. The race started at 9:14 (4 minutes late) and I called my mom at 9:48 which was after I waited in line for chip return and walked through the crowd toward the parking lot.  Whatever the time is, who cares I’m just out there to have fun.

I will also be participating this month in the Dawg Dash on October 23rd at Husky Stadium. This should be a fun race as well. Although I’ll be a tad hung over from a great wedding the night before (Congrats Sarah and David).

I’m not sure what races I’ll be signing up for in November and December but if you have suggestions let me know. I can’t believe my year of running is almost over. Its been a great year.


~ by jennl4 on October 3, 2011.

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