January 4th, 2011

Happy New Year!!!

So my year of running ended with the completion of the Kirkland 12K’s of Christmas 5K race on December 18th. I now have 12 race shirts and will be sewing them into a quilt to commemorate the year. It was a great way to motivate me in 2011 but now its time for 2012!

I am continuing to be Dairy Free and haven’t cheated (that I know of) since my trip to Italy in July. I am on a Gluten light diet (Gluten Free at home) but not worried about it out. I am cautious about how much I intake out though because I recently found out it affects how much iron my body absorbs. It is a healthier way of life for anyone who is brave enough to try it and you’ll sleep better too.

As for my 2012 New Years Resolution in regards to remaining active and keeping up with my inner athlete, I have started to get into Pilates and Yoga and am hoping to continue to explore these new forms of exercise along with my higher impact running. I may get back into crossfit as well as the year progresses but I’m enjoying the lower stress levels on my body that Pilates and Yoga provide.

My real Resolution this year is to explore the wonders that Seattle has to offer. I have never really been a tourist in my own environment before but that’s going to change. I plan to do at least one touristy adventure a month. Wine Tasting on Bainbridge, Camping in Orcas Island, Redhook Brewery Tour, Hiking the falls in Snoqualmie etc. If you have a favorite tourist stop in the city that I should check out, let me know. If you want to explore with me I’m happy to enjoy the company.

Hope your New Year’s Resolutions are healthful and make you happy and you stick to them.


~ by jennl4 on January 4, 2012.

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