Finally a replacement for cheese!

So its been about nine months without dairy and I’m still feeling great. Its strange though that if I have a piece of milk chocolate or a baked good that was made with dairy I still feel a slight effect. So the last few weeks have been really stressful and I’ve been craving a grilled cheese. I don’t usually have cravings for much so when I do its hard knowing I can’t have them. Until now…I have finally found a replacement for cheese. It is totally non-dairy, gluten-free, nut, soy and egg free (actually its vegan), but it melts and tastes and stretches like real cheese without that greasy smell. It’s called Daiya which in Sanskirt, Dayaa means “loving, kindness and compassion”.  I made corn pasta (gluten-free) with organic tomato sauce, diced chicken and then some Daiya Mozzarella Shreds last night for dinner. Nobody would know it’s not real cheese. Today for lunch I made a quesadilla with corn tortillas and the mozzarella. Again tasted like the real thing. I have finally found a replacement for cheese that works with my body and my mind and my taste buds.

To learn more about Daiya you can visit their website at or find the shreds in your local Safeway, PCC or at this great Vegan grocery store called Side Car for Pigs in the U-district on 55th and University (this store also has great replacements for a few other dairy items like whip cream, creamer if you drink coffee and more).


~ by jennl4 on February 20, 2012.

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