Home Made GF Bagels

So I decided to start baking with the mixes in my pantry before they expire. I found a bag of Pamela’s GF Bread Mix and on the side it had a recipe for bagels. I’ve never made homemade bagels but figured it was worth a shot. The recipe was really easy and while the waiting time is at least an hour for the dough to rise it goes by fast. I decided to boil and bake them even though the boil stage is optional. I sprinkled them with poppy seeds to dress them up too. After 30 min in the oven I had golden brown gluten-free bagels. I would definitely recommend these for anyone who loves bagels and is missing them. These tasted just like NY Bagels and totally better than any other GF bagels I’ve ever tried.

Also, I learned that Great Harvest is now making GF breads, cookies, cupcakes and other treats. I’ve tried a cupcake and two different breads and they were delicious.

Also for those who celebrate Passover…I hear there are a few options this year for us Gluten Free people out there.


~ by jennl4 on March 27, 2012.

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